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How I Got Here

Born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, I fled to the deserts of New Mexico in 1993 to attend school at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, where I studied geology.


While a student there, I started quilting and quickly became addicted to the colors and shapes one could make with pieces of fabric. After graduating and bouncing around the country for a few years (all the while perfecting my quilting technique), I decided that if I wanted to keep my sanity, I needed to live in New Mexico and pursue my creative instincts.


I moved back to Socorro in 2003, bought a wonderful old adobe house with a studio and went to work at New Mexico Tech. A friend introduced me to the world of fused glass. When my car died, I had to think of some way to bring in a few extra dollars. Quilting fulfilled my creative drive, but I knew it wouldn’t pay for a car! Fused glass is wonderful because it uses the same process. You cut up something (fabric or glass) and then recombine it into new and unique designs. And it’s a lot faster than quilting. I was hooked!


I started selling my work in 2004 as hobby, and more recently as my job. Since then, I have been in numerous shows throughout the state of New Mexico. A few years ago, I was honored when the president of New Mexico Tech commissioned me to make 250 (!) 6.5 inch plates which he then gave as gifts to donors to the school.


I met my husband in 2011; we married in 2012 and moved to Placitas. As a wedding gift, or just because he's a great guy, he had a studio built for me on our property.

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